Hi there! So the Thunder played yesterday and lost. My eldest cried. My husband doesn’t want to talk about it. Me? Well I didn’t really watch the game. Unless I physically go to the game, I don’t watch it. That misguided preference of mine is what marks me, as my husband informs me, as not a true fan. A true fan struggles through the losses feeling deep enduring pain when their team loses. How else can you experience the insurmountable high when they win? Because I’m not willing to suffer when they lose, I’m not really a fan.

I have to admit, he has a point. But watching them lose is not something I can handle. It just hurts too much. The disappointment is too deep. Maybe it’s because I’m an attorney and don’t like to lose. No one really does but some people handle it better. I don’t. I’m a very poor loser. A burning rage surges through me. I get snappish. My stomach churns. I just don’t like feeling that way. So I cope with it in the most cowardly way possible. I hole up in my room and watch back to back episode of The Walking Dead. And, yes, I will be blogging about this show in later posts. It’s an excellent show. Thanks to the Thunder I am now on season four. But I digress.

Last night, I walked in and out of the living room where my husband, daughter and four friends watched the game. They were kind enough to give me updates. “It’s all good, Krysta, we’re ahead”.  The next time, “We’re still ahead. Don’t worry.” Then, “It’s still okay we’re tied.” Really? Tied? That didn’t sound too good. So I went back to my room. I knew all was lost the last time I opened the door. My eldest fixed me with a somber stare and slowly shook her head. Message received. Don’t come out. We’re losing.

You see, staying in my room is the way I ensure my team wins. Just like my husband changing his shirt and my daughter pacing. My eldest screams at the TV like they can hear her. My husband gets up and cleans to work off his anxiety. I stay in my room until it’s safe to come out. None of our tactics worked last night. The Thunder just didn’t pull it off.  So we’re off to game seven heading into hostile territory. I still have faith they can win. Am I going to watch? No way!!! So what do you think? Am I worthy of being called a fan?

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading my post.

Krysta Scott

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