The day is finally here. Game of Thrones season six officially begins today. I can’t wait because today is the day my eldest daughter may finally forgive me. I’ve never read the books. As much as I love the show, I know I wouldn’t make it through the books. There’s a lot of world building in a fantasy novel. All those picturesque scenes that pass by us in the show, are described in detail. They have to be in order to place the reader in the world of the character. It can take a long time to get to the action. Being an impatient reader, that kind of novel isn’t for me. So I didn’t know how George R.R. Martin left Jon Snow at the end of his most recent novel. But I had heard about the questions surrounding Jon Snow’s parentage.

All last season, my eldest worried about Jon Snow’s fate. She has friends who read the books and had gotten hints that things would not be good for Jon Snow. But she didn’t know what that really meant. I told her there were too many story questions surrounding him and the author wouldn’t kill off a character without answering those questions. This seemed to put her mind to rest. Then we watched the episode.

The end of scene played in slow motion in my mind. I’m not sure I really acknowledged the first stab wound. No one would really stab him would they? Then the second one came. My daughter sitting next to me grew wide eyed and then the onslaught of her anger was directed at me. “You lied to me! You lied to me!” she cried through her tears. “I’m very upset about this.” The last image of Jon Snow staring blankly at the night sky blood pooling around his head said it all. Jon Snow was dead. At least for now. I had lied to my daughter. Unintentionally, yes, but still a lie. I sat in confusion. If there were still things we needed to know about Snow, how could he be dead? Then the buzz started.

Bloggers threw out many theories. He’s a Targaryen. He’ll rise from the fire. Melisandre appeared at the wall at a very fortuitous time. Could she be ready to perform more blood magic? Or will Snow’s fate be tied to his direwolf, Ghost? No one would let Jon Snow die. The fans were sure he would be brought back in some form or fashion.
Then there was the issue of Kit Harington getting a raise for the sixth season even through his protests that his character was dead. The buzz increased when there were sightings of Mr. Harington on the season six set of Game of Thrones. It seemed highly unlikely they would bring the character back just to be dead for the next episode. Those scenes could have easily been shot just before the actors exit. His cryptic statement, “I know how long I’m dead.” And the GOT teaser “But you don’t know how.”

Frankly, I don’t care how as long he’s not part of Ghost. Love Ghost but I want Jon Snow to walk in his realm in the flesh. However, I must admit, the GOT people knew what they were doing by claiming Jon Snow was dead. It kept people talking about the show. It kept people wondering what would happen. And they offered many theories on how Jon Snow would survive the brutal attack. It was a great marketing ploy. Now we have to wait and see what happens. I doubt we will know the answer in the first episode. But I’m willing to wait. AS LONG AS THEY BRING HIM BACK!!!!

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading my post.

Krysta Scott

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